Engineered Wood


Many of today’s residential homes feature large open spaces and high ceilings. These designs demand greater performance on structural components than typical structural lumber will support. Engineered and professionally designed solutions are often required. These lightweight and easy to handle products can eliminate the need for supporting posts in basements, garages and bonus rooms.Roof and Floor trusses use structural lumber but a designed and assembled for strength and load bearing capabilities.

We also carry several engineered products that can be used for flooring systems, specialized beams and columns for long spans, door and window headers, garage door headers, etc.

Some of the Engineered Products we carry include:
– I-Joists
– Laminated Beams
– LVL’s
– Ceiling Trusses
– Floor Trusses
– Engineered Sub-Flooring
– Specialized sheathing products
– Rim Board

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